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Social Media Manager

For the last one and a half years I have been self-employed working with numerous clients on strategy and execution of their business strategy in a social media context. Before this I was working at Coloplast A/S for five years building, managing and driving social media. I have been responsible for establishing a social media presence globally and continuously prove the ROI on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

I have a genuine passion for utilizing digital platforms as a strategic lever delivering customer satisfaction and ultimately creating solid business results. This is achieved by cooperating closely with internal and external key stakeholders with diverse perspectives and cultural outlooks.

During the last years I have acquired managerial skills in executing and thus creating results within the following three areas: Social Media Marketing, Stakeholder Management and Customer Experience Management.

  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics/SEO
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Mailchimp
  • Powerpoint
  • Youtube

M.Sc. Business Administration and Organisational Communication.

Precure UX/brugeradfærd, Content Marketing, Digitale kampagner, Systemudvikling, Kommunikation/PR Igangværende 6 mdr - 1 år Freelancer/ekstern konsulent
Leadership Pipeline Institute Branding/identitet, Sociale Medier, Systemudvikling, Content Marketing, Marketingstrategi Igangværende 1-2 år Freelancer/ekstern konsulent
Collaborative Performance UX/brugeradfærd, Systemudvikling, Sociale Medier, Præsentationer, Marketingstrategi Igangværende 6 mdr - 1 år Freelancer/ekstern konsulent
GrapeShop Branding/identitet, Sociale Medier, Søgemaskine optimering, Digitale kampagner, UX/brugeradfærd 2019 1-2 år Freelancer/ekstern konsulent
Venstre + Venstre Gentofte Sociale Medier, Digitale kampagner, Kommunikation/PR, , 2018 3-6 mdr Freelancer/ekstern konsulent
Kirkens Korshær Systemudvikling, Design, Branding/identitet, Præsentationer, 2019 3-6 mdr Freelancer/ekstern konsulent
Scandinavian Tobacco Group Sociale Medier, Præsentationer, Content Marketing, Video, Marketingstrategi Igangværende 1-2 år Freelancer/ekstern konsulent
Coloplast Sociale Medier, Content Marketing, Digitale kampagner, Kommunikation/PR, Marketingstrategi 2017 4+ år Ansat
Think PR Sociale Medier, Content Marketing, Digitale kampagner, Kommunikation/PR, Præsentationer 2012 1-2 år Ansat

LOKATION: Charlottenlund
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  • kortere forløb (<3 måneder)
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  • Timer pr. uge: 1-12 timer
  • Timer pr. uge: 12-24 timer
  • Timer pr. uge: 24+
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Titel: Kommunikationskonsulent

Virksomhed: Selvstændig

Tags: Sociale Medier, Digitale kampagner, Marketingstrategi